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  • Rhinocan Steel Range (pictured right)

    Highly recommended where safety is a high priority and for applications with a fire risk. Both standard and explo-safe are stable over 30c and are manufactured from high quality steel in our own factory in the UK.

    The explo-safe fuel can contains a flame suppressant material developed in Canada and the USA. A requirement by many firefighting equipment suppliers.


    • Testing carried out by T.U.V. product safety group to DIN 7242.
    • 5/10lt Standard/Explosafe spec UN group 3 packing code 2 REF/A1/Y1.2/200/13/GB/6227
    • Can be ordered in 5lt and 10lt capacities.
    • Colour: std red, green, yellow, option to order
    • Paint finish in petrol resisting epoxy/polyester.
    • All supplied with flexible spout.
    • Contents label
    • Body embossed with petroleum spirit.
    • Compliant to carry on the highway.


  • Plastic Range Industrial Grade (pictured right)

    Produced by Europe's largest manufacturer the complete range are UN approved and comply to the UK requirements of SI 1982/630.

    These plastic fuel cans are produced from high density polymer with a wall thickness that gives a very robust and durable fuel container. Note regular impact tests are carried out by the manufacturer.


    • 0. 5lt = 480 grams.
    • Can be ordered in 5lt, 10lt and 20lt capacities.
    • 5lt - red/green/black. 10lt, 20lt - black
    • All supplied with flexible spout.


  • Steel Army type jerrycans (pictured right)

    Manufactured by a top quality european company tested and approved to U.N. standards for stackable fuelcans. Also supplied to various armies in Europe.

    These fuel cans are manufactured from steel. The cap seal is produced in oil resistant nitrile rubber for long life.


    • Can be ordered in 5lt, 10lt and 20lt capacities.
    • Standard colours: 10lt - Red. 20lt - Green.
    • Colour options to order.
    • Can be supplied with flexible spout if required.
    • 10lt version embossed with petroleum spirit.
    • 10lt version compliant to carry on the highway.
    • Complies with DIN 7242 requirements.

Low profile, stable for transport




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